Hedge Plants

Hedge plants come in many varieties and we have illustrated only some below. Availability, price & size of hedge plants may vary depending on the season. Simply call or email us for more information.


Acmena Smithii Minor

Shrub with dark green glossy leaves.Cream flowers.

Grows to 3m.


Buxus microphylla

Fast growing with oval shiny leaves.Part sun to full shade. Bronze colour in Autumn.


Cupressus Leighton

Fast growing dense tree.

Dark green aromatic foliage. Grows to 8m.



Michelia 'Little Gem'

Evergreen feature plant.

Large creamy white perfumed flowers. Grows to 4m.


Michelia figo

Port wine Magnolia.Dense slow growing evergreen shrub.Fruity fragrance. Grows to 4.5m.


Nandina 'Moon Bay

Lime-greenish yellow leaves,

turn a deep wine red in Winter.

Compact shrub to 60cm.



Murraya paniculata

Common hedging plant.

An abundance of white perfumed blossoms.



Nerium Oleander Red

Dense shrub. Flowers from Summer to Autumn. Grows to 3m.



Photinia Red Robin

Evergreen medium shrub. Grows to 3m. Full sun to part shade. Red growth in Spring.



Pittosporum Ivory Sheen

Stunning foliage. Grows to 3m. Compact growing habit. Full sun or part shade.



Pittosporum Silver Sheen

Full sun and well drained soil. With lots of white flowers.

Fast hedger.



Viburnum Emerald Lustre

Glossy leaf. Grows to 3-4 metres.




Useful Tips & Hints for Hedge Plants

Decide the thickness of your hedge and prune regularly within those boundaries. Tip prune the height twice a year taking no more than 1cm off growth until desired height has been reached. Pinch out flower buds regularly and feed often with Aquasol or Thrive.

For a quick screen to 3 metres –

* Murraya Paniculata 1 metre apart.
* Photinia ‘Super Hedge’1.2 metres apart.
* Acmena smithii minor 1 metre apart.
* Syzigium ‘Dusky’ .08 metres apart.

For a quick screen to 5-8 metres –

* Viburnum Odoratissorum 1.5 metres apart.
* Syzigium Lehmanii 2 metres apart.
* Cupressus Leyton Green or Naylors Blue 1.5 metres apart.
* Pittosporum ‘James Stirling’2 metres apart.

For a slow growing hedge to 4 metres

* Michelia ‘Little Gem’ 1.5 metres apart
* Michelia Figo 1.2 metres apart

For a low formal hedge to 1 metres

* Murraya Mina-min .05 metres apart
* Buxus species(6 varieties).04 metres apart
* Lavender Dentata .04 metres apart
* Gardenia florida .08 metres apart

Syzygium Dusky

Bronze tip lilly pilly. Grows to 2m.



Syzygium Hot Flush

Brush cherry.

Grows to 4m.



Syzygium Leihmanii

Great screening plant.

Plant 2 metres apart.


Syzygium Orange




Syzygium Pink Cascade